LED T Shirts

Be the Center of Attention with an EL Flashing T-Shirt Rockstar 

Ever wanted to be a rockstar? Get pretty close by sporting the EL flashing t-shirt rockstar, an LED t-shirt that flashes according to the beat of the music. 

Who can wear this rockstar shirt?

Anyone looking for fun and looking to draw attention in the club can wear the EL flashing t-shirt rockstar. Do not wear this shirt if you are hesitant about being the object of curious stares since this design, which is not available in regular t-shirt stores,  will surely generate a lot of curiosity.  Even if you do not like to go clubbing, you can still wear the EL flashing t-shirt rockstar while riding your bike. The EL flashing t-shirt rockstar is also a great gift item for rev heads since the lights also react to engine sound. 

It's all in the design!

The El flashing t-shirt rockstar comes with a design of a guitar outlined in neon green.  Green, yellow, and red bars inside the guitar's outline flash with the music or sound. ROCK STAR is written on top of the  guitar outline, with the letters done in green and red. A star in red and yellow is located below the words. Two yellow lightning bolts are located under the guitar outline. All the lights on the shirt flash to the beat of the music, so that as you are dancing, your shirt can also  dance to the music with you. The entire design of the EL flashing t-shirt rockstar is laid out on  a black background to accentuate the colors and the flashing lights. Darker shirt colors are preferred for this design to make sure that the flashing lights are accentuated.  

LED T Shirts